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Net Pre-amble

Good afternoon (NCS CALL SIGN), opening the afternoon session of the Daily Arizona Weather Net. This is the DAWN repeater located on Wildflower Mountain in the central Arizona above the community of Crown King in the Bradshaw Mountains. this net meets daily from 6 to 6:30AM and 4 to 4:30PM, is open to all Hams.

Anyone wishing to contribute repeater expenses please write, DAWN, Inc.% Helen Whitcomb, W7DNJ, 1453 Rio Mesa Trail, Cottonwood, AZ 86326.

When checking in, please wait for the "BEEP" , then identify your call, name and location to be acknowledged.

When reporting your weather, no expensive equipment is required, just your best estimate of conditions in your area. Please use your call sign when your finish your transmission. The timeout is 3 minutes.