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This net is organized to handle traffic in times of emergency and meets for drill on 3987 KHz at 1830 mountain standard time daily. (Az. doesn't go on daylight saving time!) All stations are welcome to check in. This net is a member of the National Traffic System maintaining liaison with the 12th region net. For more information about this net or to become a net member contact KF7GC on the net.

Williams 2005 Photos

Tuthill 2002 Photos

Ft Tuthill '01

FT. TUTHILL 2000 Photos

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ATEN Rogues Gallery

ATEN Links

NCS Hints: Net Control Operating Hints
ATEN Roster: ATEN roll call with NCS data blanks
ATEN Preamble: ATEN preamble/closing without roll call
ATEN Roster: ATEN roll call with preamble/closing and NCS data blanks
Roster Changes: Latest Changes to the ATEN roster

ATEN's Silent Keys

Traffic Links

NTS Methods and Practices: A Working Reference Manual
Radiogram: HTML 1 printable RADIGRAM form
Radiogram: PDF 2 printable RADIOGRAM forms
Radiogram: PDF 1 printable RADIOGRAM form
Message Format: ARRL RADIOGRAM message format
ics Message Forms :ICS FORMS LIST in .pdf NEW
ics 213 form :GENERAL ICS FORM in .pdf NEW
ARRL Public Service Manual: ARES-RACES-NTS
Nunbered Messages: The ARL numbers
Honor Roll: Public Service Honor Roll
ARRL 3rd party page: The 3rd party countries list

Other Links

ARCA (Williams Info):Amateur Radio Council of Arizona
Pima County RACES Info Site
Yavapai County ARES/RACES
ARRL Arizona: Lots of info of local interest
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service: National Races Web Page
ARA: Arizona Repeater Association
CARC: Coconino Amateur Radio Club
WM7D's Page: Callsign Database & Solar Data
AI7R's page: Arizona Ham Page
K7OLD: Norm's Tucson Arizona Page
EAARS: Eastern Az Amateur Radio Society
Solar Flux: Current Flux
R.F. Exposure: University of Texas N5XU's Calculator


Tucson, AZ.

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