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We meet every day--seven days a week--at 1830 MST to handle NTS TRAFFIC coming into and out of Arizona. Our main home is the DAWN repeater, 145.35 mHz, -600. We occasionally use the Towers Mountain 145.37 machine as a backup, if necessary. The 145.35 machine gives us wide-area coverage from Tucson to Flagstaff, including Phoenix and Prescott.

In addition to passing traffic, we are also a training net. As traffic handlers, you might say we're always "in training"--sharpening our skills either for the next piece of traffic, or in case of emergency. That also means that we're willing to help the neophyte, as well as the veteran traffic handler. So feel free to join us! All you need is your message, and the name, address and preferably the phone number of the recipient. We'll help you put the message in standard NTS format; it's easy! And you're welcome to join us anytime.

The Arizona Cactus Net, (also known as the Arizona Cactus 2-Meter Traffic Net), was founded in 1985 to provide a VHF link between Phoenix and other Arizona communities and the National Traffic System. Some of the founding members had previously been associated with the Arizona Cactus Net on 80 meters, which disbanded in the mid-80's. We are a dedicated, friendly group of amateurs, committed to the betterment of the hobby